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Inspired by Education since she was a child: Lisa Key

“Every child deserves the opportunity to thrive,” Lisa Key, superintendent of Bradford Academy said. Key has been inspired by education ever since she was...   Read More

Principal Job Shadow

At Bradford HS we have a new program: School Leader Job Shadowing. Senior students participate during one day in all activities the Principal and...   Read More

National School Choice Week

  This week was National School Choice Weeks, and what is the best way to celebrate cheering on our basketball team, and keep warm...   Read More

Staff Spotlight- Ms. Veronica Corbett West

Get to know Ms. Corbett West, our pupil accountant. She enjoys ever opportunities she has to make a difference in our students’ lives.

Staff Spotlight – Ms. Lisa Bortz

Get to know Ms. Bortz, she teaches 6th-grade math and science. She love’s that Bradford is unique and unlike any other school she’s taught...   Read More

Welcome Back from Break!

What a GREAT first week back after being off for break! These kids amaze me everyday! Usual after break students are sluggish and struggle...   Read More

School Board Appreciation Month

Great night of celebrations at the board meeting this evening. Mr. Elder took the Oath of Office administered by President Prassad and officially became...   Read More

Staff Spotlight – Ms. Bernadette Smith

Get to know Ms. Smith, one of 4th-grade teachers. Her main goal, along with others, is to make a difference in the education of...   Read More

Staff Spotlight – Ms. Denise Ervin

Get to know Ms. Ervin, our 9th and 10th-grade English teacher. She is a new teacher here at Bradford and is thankful that the...   Read More

Compassion in Action

Thank you Bradford Families & Staff for contributing to our Compassion In Action Christmas Tree. All donations will be given to local charities. Happy...   Read More