Sixth Grade


Sixth-grade students will develop a broad background by learning concepts and skills in six main content areas.

  • Number and Numeration: recognizing place value in whole numbers and decimals; converting between fractions, decimals, and percents; ordering positive and negative numbers, etc.
  • Operations and Computation: solving problems involving whole numbers, fractions, decimals and applying the properties of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, etc.
  • Data and Chance: collecting, organizing, displaying, and analyzing data; using probability to represent and predict outcomes and analyze chance, etc.
  • Measurement and Reference Frames: measuring using metric and U.S. customary units; using formulas to calculate various measurements, etc.
  • Geometry: measuring and drawing angles; experimenting with modern geometric ideas; drawing to scale, etc.
  • Patterns, Functions and Algebra: creating and extending numerical patterns, applying algebraic properties, solving equations and inequalities, etc.


Our class will focus on direct instruction, partner work, group and individual projects and learning stations. We will make full use of Bradford Academy’s resources, including student laptops, various multimedia and SmartBoards.


In sixth-grade reading class this year, our focus will be on reading, listening and vocabulary skills.

  • Reading: Students are expected to read at least 50 pages / week as homework. This will be documented on a reading log that is recorded weekly.
  • Listening/Viewing: Students will view and evaluate peer presentations, video, and other media presentations.
  • Vocabulary: Students will have weekly vocabulary words that correspond with the unit/ text they are completing in class. They will be tested on these words.

There are four main genres of texts that we will be working with in sixth grade this year: informational texts, science fiction and fantasy, realistic fiction and classic & multicultural folktales.


In sixth-grade science, students will learn concepts from physical, life and earth science. For physical science, we cover potential and kinetic energy and how it is transferred as well as review the three states of matter and the changes between them. In life science, we cover the classification, interaction and functions of living organisms within their ecosystems. Lastly, in earth science, we cover plate tectonics and the earth’s magnetic field as well as geologic time and fossils.

Social Studies

Sixth-grade social studies will cover the Western Hemisphere of the world. This will include North and South America. Culture, religion, economy, regions and government will be covered in this course. Students will learn how government is created and ran. Also, students will be able to have a better understanding of how the world works and how people work together.


In sixth-grade writing, we focus on writing genres (personal narrative, adventure, tall tale, folk tale, fantasy, essay and research paper), the writing process, personal writing style, grammar and usage, spelling, speaking, listening and viewing.

  • Spelling/Vocabulary: Students will have a weekly spelling/vocabulary test.
  • Writing: Students will have weekly writing assignments, a major genre-specific or theme-specific published writing piece each month and practice weekly grammar and usage.
  • Speaking: Students will participate in daily public speaking classroom events.
  • Listening/Viewing: Students will view and evaluate video/peer presentations.

Technology will be incorporated into writing. Students will complete many multimedia projects in class, using Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Publisher, blogging, researching on the Internet, podcasting and viewing documentaries.
Students are expected to have use of a computer after school hours. The use of technology will enrich students learning of the content area and the use of technology.

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