Eighth Grade


Reading is a skill that will benefit students in all of their classes. In reading class, eighth-graders will have many opportunities to learn through individual, group and paired reading practice. Creative learning through projects, games and other means is used to help students express their understanding of the content.

In order to prepare students for high school, they will be reading a wide variety of genres and discovering the tools and techniques needed to adapt to their reading selections. They will also involve their minds in deeper thinking skills that go beyond the obvious words in the text. Students will work directly from the textbook, but outside novels, texts and literature pieces will also be used to reinforce what they are learning.


Writing 8 is designed to help students continue to develop the skills necessary to be a successful student and citizen. In addition to developing general grammar and writing skills, students will focus on specific writing genres including newspaper, biography, persuasive and journal writing. Students will learn how to write both for enjoyment and for practical purposes.

Social Studies

In accordance with the State of Michigan’s Grade Level Content Expectations, this course covers US history from the beginning of the colonial period to Reconstruction after the Civil War. Multiple strategies will be used to teach this course, including lecture, reading and hands-on activities.


This science course is designed to engage students through direct instruction, inquiry based investigations and hands-on experiments. The units covered within the curriculum will be related to real-life scenarios and is largely about earth science. Over the course of the school year, the topics studied will include: studying the earth, composition of the earth, history of the earth, the dynamic earth, reshaping the earth, oceans, atmospheric forces and space.


In order to prepare our eighth graders for high school, they will be covering several topics, including fractions, real number concepts, geometry, measures of central tendency, data displays, probability and algebra (including: non-linear functions, linear functions and quadratic functions).

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