Summer Learning Packets

Statistics show that if a child is not engaged in some type of educational experience during the summer months, they may lose 25 percent of what they have learned during the school year. Therefore, we recommend that all students attending Bradford Academy High School complete our Summer Learning Packets. Students should download study guides and assignments – which are grouped by subject area – and complete the work for their new grade level. All work will be collected in the fall.  There will be different rewards based on how many packets students turn in — they can receive free dress down day passes, tickets to Bradford sporting events, and/or discounts on our new school uniform! ADT alerts will be sent out as reminders to students throughout the summer months.

10th Grade – ACT
10th Grade – ELA
11th Grade – ELA
12th Grade – ELA

9th Grade – Algebra I
9th Grade – Business Math
10th Grade – Geometry
11th Grade – ACT Math
11th Grade – Algebra II
12th Grade – PreCalculus

9th Grade – Biology
10th Grade – Chemistry
10th Grade – Earth & Space
11th Grade – Physics
12th Grade – Forensics

Social Studies
9th Grade – Civics & Economics
11th Grade – World History
12th Grade – Psychology
12th Grade – Street Law

9th Grade – Reading
9th Grade – Spanish
11th Grade – Reading


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