Street Law

Street law is a course in practical law’s interactive methods with a focus on legal issues relevant to students’ lives that help them develop the knowledge and skills essential to living in our law-related society. Course units covered are: American legal system (overview), criminal law and juvenile justice, torts, consumer and housing law, family law, and individual rights and responsibilities. Students will participate in mock trials and discussion groups on legal issues that affect them both as individuals and as students.


Employing a pro-seminar format, this course examines the emergence of narrative or story construction as an increasingly influential and integrating paradigm within psychology and allied social sciences. Topics will include the conceptual foundations of the narrative perspective in a broad historical and thematic review as well as contemporary understandings of narrative including methods of analysis, autobiographical memory, self-narrative and identity development. Finally, students will research a topic of their own choosing in which narrative serves as a basic analytic or organizing principle.

English 12

Senior-level english language arts (ELA) transitions from the lower-level english classes into deeper levels of critical thinking and application of concepts. ELA covers all forms of essay writing, both persuasive and informational, and a MLA-formatted research paper. Reading, writing and research papers are integral to coursework in other classes as well.

Critical analysis, or writing about literary works, is done with the novels read in class during the year. In addition, students are required to read books, usually of their choice, outside of class throughout the year. Students also express their ideas about classic and modern literature through multi-media presentations.

Early in the year, students are exposed to college materials and workplace communications and are required to write a college-entrance essay, as well as respond to questions about potential jobs in mock-interviews.

The themes most often explored this year have to do with the universal human experience, the power of leadership and the many avenues of human expression. Units on poetry and drama round out the rigorous and multi-faceted curriculum of Senior English.

Environmental Science

Environmental science is a truly hands-on science experience. This lab-oriented class focuses on the air, soil, water and ways which humans interact and affect them, as well as the other organisms that inhabit the planet. Students will appreciate the beauty and drama of the living world and understand the biological basis of problems in medicine, public health, agriculture and conservation.

Pre Calculus

In pre-calculus, students will understand how to do the following: work with the sum, difference, double-angle, and half-angle formulas for sine, cosine and tangent; work with linear and quadratic functions and their graphs; work with polynomial functions of degree greater than two; work with polynomial inequalities and their graphs; and the properties, operations and inverses of functions. Students will also study the laws of exponents, logarithms, matrices and determinants.

Business Math

Students will use this class to reiterate and apply their math knowledge by using functions of real world application of situations using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division involving paychecks, banking, checking and savings accounts, mortgages and lease/rental agreements. Students will use the principal-interest-time theory involving consumer/installment loans, savings, credit cards and percentages. Students will use real-world application of measurements of time and money, reasoning and understanding financial errors applying to economics.

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