The main focus of the 11th grade is making sure that our students are ready for college and their careers.  In order to support this goal students take two classes specifically for ACT preparation in addition to their four core classes.  A typical 11th-grade student is enrolled in algebra II, physics, world history, english 11, ACT math and ACT english along with an elective of their choosing.  The electives that students choose from span a wide range of possibilities and students take up to two electives each year.   All classes are geared towards helping students prepare for the future regardless of their intended career path.

Algebra II

The content of algebra II is organized around families of functions, including linear, quadratic, exponential, logarithmic, radical and rational functions. As students study each family of functions, they will learn to represent them in multiple ways — as verbal descriptions, equations, tables and graphs. To help students prepare for standardized tests, algebra II provides instruction and practice on standardized test questions in a variety of formats.


Physics is about the nature of basic things such as motion, forces, energy, matter, heat sound, light and the composition of atoms. Science is the basic building block for all life on earth, and we use research to answer the questions of life.

World History

In our world history class students gain an understanding of the origins of civilizations and tracks human progress across history.


English 11 is about reading comprehension with a focus on writing, interpretation and expression of ideas.

ACT Classes

ACT math is a broad review of most of the math topics on the ACT ranging from pre-algebra to trigonometry.  In addition, students learn valuable test taking strategies and have several opportunities to take practice tests.  The ACT english class teaches students about tests formats, timed test strategies, english and reading strategies, and how to write formally without the use of pronouns verses writing informally.

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