High School Encore

Physical Education

Bradford Academy’s high school physical education program offers students the opportunity to participate in sports, components of overall fitness and lifelong activities that can be enjoyed now and in the future.


In technology class, the history of the Internet, software applications for business and website development will be taught to develop technology skills for the 21st Century Learner.


Music at Bradford Academy High School teaches a combination of music history, theory, listening skills and keyboarding.


In our health class, students will learn about mental health, social health, nutrition, physical fitness, substance abuse, human development, preventing disease, and community health and safety.


Art class gives students the opportunity to be exposed to various art styles and practices.


Students will speak, read, write and understand basic Spanish. Students will become comfortable describing family members, friends, interests and personal characteristics. Some specific topics include greetings and courtesy expressions, numbers, telling time and expressing the days, months, seasons and the date. Students will also explore the Hispanic culture.

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