Second Grade

In the second-grade classroom, teachers align their lessons and activities to meet Michigan’s Common Core Standards while providing the most rigorous and developmentally appropriate curriculum in education.

Our daily schedule includes all major subject areas while using 21st century tools to aid higher order thinking and learning. Subject areas include: English language arts (reading, writing, speaking, listening and language), mathematics, science and Social Studies.

For our reading program, Bradford Academy’s second graders use Reading Street. Every week, students read, discuss and engage in a different selection from the text. Through whole group and small group discussions, students adopt a variety of necessary skills and strategies in comprehension, phonetics and semantics. The program also offers rich vocabulary and enables students to advance their fluency and accuracy in reading. In correlation with the English language arts, Bradford Academy uses the 6+1 Traits of Writing program, which provides students with scaffolded instruction focused on seven separate traits in writing. This program spends five weeks on each of the traits, offering students ample opportunities to improve upon their craft.

In educating students in mathematics, we use EnVision Math. EnVision Math has divided the second grade curriculum into 20 different sections for enhanced understanding. Some topics include (but are not limited to) fractions, measurement, single and double digit subtraction and addition, multiplication and division.

For both science and social studies, students are able to learn about areas such as matter, energy, plants, history, government and communities.

Students participate in daily hands-on, cooperative learning centers and conduct a variety of experiments to help better understand their surrounding world. In the second grade classrooms, students enhance their learning on a whole group, small group and independent level.

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