Fourth Grade

In the fourth grade, students experience various hands-on activities, and they will face a rigorous curriculum to advance their learning and prepare them for the next academic level. Real life experiences are at the forefront of our learning which is evident in the ways the students are able to apply it in various situations.

English language arts (ELA) dives into the world of fiction and non-fiction, bringing the characters to life through discussions, projects and re-enactments. Not only do they learn about other literary works, but they also create their own and learn the proper techniques as seen in the 6+1 Traits of Writing program.

Math teaches students the world around us is represented in terms of math, hence the reason behind the real-world importance of math. Areas of focus include the understanding of how money and time can be explained with fractions and decimals as well as how angles and geometry relate to games and activities. Patterns can be used in artistic design and to recognize numerical repetition. The joy of eating favorable food is dependent on understanding measurements, volume, portions and ratios.

Science is explored by the students with lessons that include hands-on activities and an inquiry-based learning environment. Students are given opportunities to investigate real-world issues using the scientific method, which enables them to make real world connections through hands on lab activities. The outcome produces a learner who understands how the world is connected and the importance of preserving our planet.

Social studies ties in all the subjects while teaching students our rich history of Michigan and the United States. Focus is on understanding your rights through the Constitution, Bill of Rights and the Amendments so the students can be more- involved citizens. Students support one another as they work together to form opinions of the world around us. They’re able to debate and positively discuss the issues we face everyday as well as how our past experiences guide us to make the best decisions. We also learn how economics and natural resources are tied together, and that if we want to make a difference, we need to be able to express ourselves in words as well as in writing and be able to research data to support our views.

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