Fifth Grade

Language Arts

While interacting with the text, students will use word recognition and vocabulary skills.  Also, students will write their own poems, tall tales and mysteries by using the writing process and attained grammar skills.  Throughout the course of the year, students will build on fluency, spelling, writing, presentation and comprehension skills.

Social Studies

In fifth grade social studies, students learn how the Continental Army defeated the British and formed a national government — establishing the United States as a new, independent country.  Also, students identify the basic structure of the U.S. Constitution. Students learn the branches of government and their usage of checks and balances.


Students explore the traits of individuals and examine how traits are influenced by the environment and genetics of the individual. They distinguish between acquired and inherited traits of humans as well as other living things. Further study of organisms’ individual traits demonstrate how behavioral and physical characteristics help them survive in their environments. In the investigation of physical characteristics, students relate similarities in anatomical features to the classification of contemporary organisms.


In math, fifth-grade students collect data and determine the mean, median, and mode.  Additionally, students construct a variety of graphs to represent and analyze data.  They also review the properties of multiplication such as commutative, associative, identity and zero property.

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