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Why work at Bradford Academy?

Established in 2003, Bradford Academy is a tuition-free public school serving children in grades Pre-K-12. At Bradford Academy, all children are provided with the opportunities and resources to achieve academic success. Bradford Academy expects excellence in education and character.

Children attending charter schools benefit from dedicated teachers, high academic standards, and innovative approaches to teaching and learning. Charter schools are organized by a founding group that is passionate about the basic tenets of the curriculum. Enthusiasm for the school is contagious. Board members, staff members, parents, students, and community members are attracted to the charter school because their interests coincide with the charter school’s educational program and mission.

The following are just a few reasons to work at Bradford:

  • Great, friendly culture
  • Stable school leadership
  • Strong management company support
  • Wonderful students
  • Engaged parents
  • Discipline policy in place

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