Staff Directory


Paull, Cheryl High School Principal
Kearney, Oronde Middle School Principal
Stevens, Gary Elementary School Principal
Fields, Sara Elementary Vice Principal
Watts, Amy Middle School Secretary
Flowers, Nikia Elementary School Secretary
Martin, Grace Assistant Bookkeeper/ Office Assistant
Laseck, Melissa GSRP Coordinator (BA and DOVE)
Semkiw, Amanda GSRP Asst. Program Director (BA and DOVE)
Barczyk, Deborah GSRP Teacher
Cupp (Wright), Alexis GSRP Teacher
Grays, Brandi GSRP Teacher
Golen, Amy GSRP Assoc. Teacher
Isaac, Alexandria GSRP Assoc. Teacher
Dodge, Amanda GSRP Teacher
Crosby, Chloe GSRP Assoc. Teacher
Daugherty, Shannon GSRP Teacher
Cox, Jackqueline GSRP Assoc. Teacher
Trudeau, Rachel Kindergarten
Trobaugh, Elizabeth Kindergarten
Murawski, Brittany Kindergarten
Zettel, Jordan Kindergarten
Boone, Melody Kindergarten
Gilbert, Marissa 1st Grade
Grueling, Sharon 1st Grade
Karas (Brown), Kaylynne 1st Grade
Salazer, Donielle 1st Grade
Foley, Michelle 2nd Grade
Pavelich, Kelsey 2nd Grade
Atkins, Kari 2nd Grade
Truitt, Amanda 2nd Grade
Mehlberg, Natalie 3rd Grade 
Tinsley, Pamela 3rd Grade
Federico (Beski), Jessica 3rd Grade
Levick, Bradley 4th Grade
Roberts, Etta 4th Grade
Bonnici, Dawn 4th Grade
Sanborn, Caitlin 4th Grade
Lauzon, Martine 5th Grade
Brakefield, Derek 5th Grade
Harkonen, Julia 5th Grade
Swatsell, Joshua 6th Grade Science
McClelland, Daren 6th Grade ELA
Bacon, Chris 6th Grade Math
Yannayon, Katherine 6th Grade Social Studies
Rondeau, Natasha 7th Grade ELA
Curtis, Robert 7th Grade Social Studies
Woods, Nekishia 8th Grade Math
Cephas, Vinette 8th Grade ELA
Jacobs, Paul 8th Grade Social Studies
Scott, Peter 8th Grade Science
Mathews, Katelyn  5th grade
High School   
Arrington, Audrey High School Secretary
Beck, Wesley Civics & Current Events
Battaglia, Anthony Economics
Erskine, Sarah  English 9 & 10
Peterson, Erica US History & Psychology
Smith, Vincent World History & Geography
Harvey, Ine Chemistry
Cornay, Darreaus Biology & 10 Forensics
Olson, Richard Earth Science & Physics
Price, Aimee Honors Chemistry & Biology
Maire, Asha Geometry
Amir, Fida Algebra II & AP Calculus
Chapman, Aaron Pre-Calculus & Algebra II
Campbell, Fred Physics & Personal Finance
Penhorwood, JIll 11th/12th Grade English
Johnson (Stotz), Abigail English 12 & Yearbook
Krasner, Sharon English 9 
Parker, Tyloaha Creative Writing
Eddington, LaTriana Spanish 1
Wells, Dierdre Algebra & Honors Algebra
Thomson-Baker, Lisa K-5 Art
Duncan, Christina K-5 Technology
Martin, Tiffany K-5 Physical Education
Gitler, Jason 5-8 Physical Education
Ingram, Amisha 5-8 Art
Hackett, Karmel 6-8 Technology
Radz, Wojciech 9-12 Physical Education & Health
Graham, Shannon 9-12 Technology/Business Law
Miller, Judson 9-12 Art
Detharidge, Anthony Technology Coordinator
Aggarwal, Vareesh Asst. Technology Coordinator
Martin, Teri  6-12 Music
Student Support Services
Heath, Sonya Elem. Instructional Aide
Bailey, Jeanette Elem. Instructional Aide
Whaley, Lastasia SPED Aide
Brown, Zwanjay Teaching Assistant/Elem. ALC
French, Amanda K-2 Special Education
Parsons, Faye 3-4 Special Education
Davis, Tamju Elem. Counselor
Thornton-Reffet, Chelsea Elem. ELA Specialist
Reid, Lorice Elem. Math Specialist
Currie, Karen Elem. Social Worker
Schiably, Michael Elem. Special Education
Brown, Demetrius Teaching Assistant/MS ALC
Brown, Shyler MS Guidance Counselor
Todd, Lori MS Math Specialist
Freeman, Kelly MS-7th Grade Special Education
Felton, April 5-6 Special Education
Walker, Loreal MS Social Worker
Mays-Winfrey, Tammy MTSS Coordinator
Stage, Nicholas High School Special Education Coordinator
Bachelor, Bryant High School Special Education
Siddiqui, Mana High School Special Education
Kennett, Diane  High School Special Education
Jackson-Morrison, Lynda High School Special Education 
Howson, Mark HS Guidance Counselor
Moody, John HS Guidance Counselor
Nanni, Bridgette HS Social Work
Support Staff 
Armstrong, Michelle Bookkeeper
Visea, Ileana Title I Coordinator
Martin, Grace Assistant Bookkeeper/Office Assistant
Detharidge, Anthony IT Coordinator
Aggarwal, Vic IT Assistant
Aguwa, Jerry Assistant Director of Finance
Ingram, Felicia Transportation Coordinator
Williams, Ken Security Director
Reynolds, Naja Security
Dunning, Pamela Security
Wyatt, Samuel Security
Crosby, Caleb Custodian
Horn, Hillard Custodian
Fortune-Walker, Cassandra Custodian
Chambers, Martin Custodian
Food Service  
Johnson, Joan Food Service Director
Fall Sports
Gaut, Ki’erre AD/HS Football  Assistant: Williams, Brandon
Jones, Caren HS Volleyball  Assistant: Price, Aimee
Winfrey, Tammy HS Cheerleading
Kinniebrew, Royce Cross Country/Track  Assistant: Chapman, Aaron
7/8 Girls’ Basketball
5/6 Girls’ Basketball
Winter Sports
Winfrey, Tammy HS Cheerleading Coach
Murray, RaRedding HS Varsity Boys’ Basketball
HS JV Boys’ Basketball
HS Varsity Girls’ Basketball
5/6 Boys’ Basketball
West, Fallyn 7/8 Boys’ Basketball
Winfrey, Tammy 5/8 Cheerleading
Spring Sports
Kinniebrew, Royce 5th-8th Co-Ed Track and Field
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    Bradford Academy is a tuition-free preschool through 12th grade public school, located in Southfield, MI. The school strives to instill the qualities of character, excellence, creativity and service into our students as they become prepared, global leaders.
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