Staff Directory


Paull, Cheryl High School Principal
Harrold, JP High School Vice Principal
Kearney, Oronde Middle School Principal
Stevens, Gary Elementary School Principal
Dudley, Tiffany Elementary Vice Principal
Lisa Key Area Superintendent
Watts, Amy Elementary School Secretary
Flowers, Nikia Student Advocate/Marketing Assistant
Martin, Grace Middle School Secretary
Semkiw, Amanda GSRP Coordinator (BA and DOVE)
Barczyk, Deborah GSRP Teacher
Grays, Brandi GSRP Teacher
Isaac, Alexandria GSRP Assoc. Teacher
Dodge, Amanda GSRP Teacher
Daugherty, Shannon GSRP Teacher
Hendrickson, Jennifer GSRP Assoc. Teacher
Berry, Sha’Tyra GSRP Assoc. Teacher
Trudeau, Rachel Kindergarten
Trobaugh, Elizabeth Kindergarten
Ions, Carlie Kindergarten
Lampley, Jamie Kindergarten
Gilbert, Marissa 1st Grade
Grueling, Sharon 1st Grade
Bracey, Sharon 1st Grade
Foley, Michelle 2nd Grade
Atkins, Kari 2nd Grade
Sarafian, Kristin 2nd Grade
Copeland, Nicole 2nd Grade
Tinsley, Pamela 3rd Grade
Jidas, Wendy 3rd Grade
Scott, Renee 3rd Grade
Randolph, Angela 3rd Grade
Levick, Bradley 4th Grade
Roberts, Etta 4th Grade
Bonnici, Dawn 4th Grade
Dimittia, Jennifer 4th Grade
Willis, Jerry 5th Grade
Watson, Holly 5th Grade
McClelland, Daren 6th Grade ELA
Yannayon, Katherine 6th Grade Social Studies
Rondeau, Natasha 7th Grade ELA
Woods, Nekishia 8th Grade Math
Cephas, Vinette 8th Grade ELA
Jacobs, Paul 8th Grade Social Studies
High School   
Arrington, Audrey High School Secretary
Allen, De’Jai High School Office Assistant
Battaglia, Anthony Economics
Thompson, Leroy  High School Math
Erskine, Sarah English 9 & 10
Peterson, Erica US History & Psychology
Smith, Vincent World History & Geography
Harvey, Ine Chemistry
Olson, Richard Earth Science Grade 10
Maire, Asha Geometry
Campbell, Fred Algebra II & Geometry 10-12
Penhorwood, Jill 11th/12th Grade English
Danforth, Joi High School English
Krasner, Sharon English 9 
Parker, Tyloaha Communications & Critical Thinking
Frost, Michaela Creative Writing
Eddington, LaTriana Spanish I/II 9-12
Wells, Dierdre Algebra & Honors Algebra
York, Maria Character Education
Mitoff, Kristin K-3 Literacy Coach
Thomson-Baker, Lisa K-5 Art
Duncan, Christina K-5 Technology
Martin, Tiffany K-5 Physical Education
Gitler, Jason 5-8 Physical Education
Ingram, Amisha 5-8 Art
Hackett, Karmel 6-8 Technology
Graham, Shannon 9-12 Technology/Business Law
Miller, Judson 9-12 Art
Beecher, Nicole Technology Coordinator
Veitch, Jason  6th Grade Science Teacher
Student Support Services
West, Veronica Student Advocate
Small, Reina Student Advocate
Williams, Hosea Blended Learning/Online Courses
Heath, Sonya Elem. Instructional Aide
Bailey, Jeanette Elem. Instructional Aide
Parsons, Faye 3-4 Special Education
Davis, Tamju Counselor
Voss, Janice Reading Specialist
Thiele, Nora 3-5 Reading Specialist
Reid, Lorice Elem. Math Specialist
Currie, Karen Elem. Social Worker
Schiably, Michael Elem. Special Education
Brown, Demetrius Teaching Assistant/MS ALC
Ashley, Woolen Teacher Assistant
Brown, Shyler MS Guidance Counselor
Todd, Lori MS Math Specialist
Freeman, Kelly MS-7th Grade Special Education
Felton, April 5-6 Special Education
Walker, Loreal MS Social Worker
Stage, Nicholas High School Special Education Coordinator
Bachelor, Bryant High School Special Education
Siddiqui, Mana High School Special Education
Kennett, Diane  High School Special Education
Jackson-Morrison, Lynda High School Special Education 
Moody, John HS Guidance Counselor
Mack, Stacey HS Social Work
Robinson, Elisie SPED Teacher Assistant
Baldwin, Montrelle Parent Liaison and Social Worker
Support Staff 
Armstrong, Michelle Marketing/Bookkeeper
Visea, Ileana Title I Coordinator
Davis, Vickie Transportation Coordinator
Williams, Ken Security Director
Crosby, Caleb Custodian
Horn, Hillard Custodian
Moore, Robert Custodian
Food Service  
Johnson, Joan Food Service Director
Quick, Tsehaya School Nutrition
Chambers, Martin School Nutrition
Gilliam, Leontia School Nutrition
 Chris Merrell – Athletic Director
Fall Sports
Gaut, Ki’erre Varsity Football Coach  Assistant: Williams, Brandon
Booker, Mike JV Football Coach Assistant: Booker, Stephen
Caldwell, Denise HS Volleyball
Torrens, Ki’ara HS Cheerleading
Penhorwood, Jill Cross Country/Track  Assistant: Chapman, Aaron
Sterling, Rashard 7/8 Girls’ Basketball
 Martin, Tiffany 5/6 Girls’ Basketball
Winter Sports
Varsity Boys’ Basketball
JV Boys’ Basketball
Varsity Girls’ Basketball
Sterling, Rashard 5/6 Boys’ Basketball
Gitler, Jason 7/8 Boys’ Basketball
Torrens, Ki’ara 5/8 Cheerleading
Spring Sports
Jenkins, Robert Golf
5th-8th Co-Ed Track and Field  Assistant: Cordoza, Rene
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